Thy Kingdom come…

This past week Fellowship of Word and Spirit ( hosted a conference with Dr Richard Pratt (founder of and former OT professor at  Dr Pratt reminded us that when we pray the Lord’s Prayer we are reminding ourself that we are talking to the King of Heaven.  Our Father (a term with kingly/royal association) is transcendent and absolutely powerful.  The whole world is in His hands.  He is all powerful.  So we pray, may the rule that you rightly exercise in heaven come to be acknowledged here on earth also.The thing which was particularly challenge to most of us was the reminder that the region in which God is seeking to extend his kingdom and have his rule acknowledged is here on earth.  We are inclined to think that, when we die it will all be worth it and I will know God as the Lord He truly is.  However, Dr Pratt challenged us to remember that it is in the domain of this world that God’s kingdom is being established.  This is not by force, but through the preaching (i.e. announcement, as a herald) of the coming King.

Will I work, today, for the coming of his kingdom on earth, as it already is in heaven.

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