Press Release about Wycliffe Hall School of Preaching



09 June 2008:  Wycliffe Hall has today announced the launch of a new School of Preaching to strengthen the training of students in contemporary Christian ministry. The School of Preaching will be based at the theological college in Oxford with the aim of providing an ongoing training facility for the preachers of both today and the future.


Wycliffe Hall’s Vice Principal, The Revd Dr Simon Vibert, will take on the role of Director at the new school. The school will focus on enabling students to hear good preaching models, establishing the case and role for preaching in the modern church and enabling students to practise the skills of preaching while receiving helpful analysis and feedback.        


This strategic project will aid in the effective communication of the word of God and provide students with the necessary tools for a lifetime’s ministry. Students for the school will include existing students training at Wycliffe Hall as well as local, national and international preachers and trainers of preachers who will participate in seminars and workshops run by the school.


Director of the School of Preaching, The Revd Dr Simon Vibert said:


“The launch of the School of Preaching is an exciting new initiative aimed at restoring confidence in the preaching of God’s Word. The creation of a School of Preaching is not only a significant step in the development of Wycliffe Hall, but also in the development of effective preaching within the Anglican Church and beyond.”


The launch of the new School of Preaching coincides with Wycliffe Hall’s Preaching and Leadership Integrated Study Week, in which the college will hold a consultation and vision-sharing meeting for friends and partners engaged in training preachers in England. 




For further information please contact Helen Mitchell, College Administrator on 01865 274200


Notes to editors


For more information on Wycliffe Hall, visit the website


Wycliffe Hall is a theological college within the diverse environment of the University of Oxford. We aim to equip our students for their future ministries, through excellent academic teaching, practical ministry experience and living as part of a vibrant and supportive Christian community.



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