These could be truly momentous times.

I was at the GAFCON meeting  (GAFCON stands for Global Anglican Future Conference) today at All Souls Church Langham Place today.

In the 20 years I have been in Anglican ministry there has often been talk about ‘crossing over the watershed’ or ‘crossing the Rubicon’, only to discover that we all go home, make a cup of tea and do very little.  Check out Peter Jensen’s and Jim Packer’s very telling and provocative challenge, encouraging English people to actually ACT on the truths to which they hold (all this is viewable at

Let me back up for a moment.  The Jerusalem GAFCON ended last week with a statement of theological conviction, which includes measured Gospel-motivated action.  This is not a rebellion, nor is it schism.  Rather, it is a recognition that many parts of the Anglican Communion no longer live in line with doctrines to which it claims to hold.  In particular is the issue of human sexuality, but this itself is symptomatic of the failure to allow the word of God to shape the beliefs and actions of the modern church.

It seems to me that GAFCON has offered a viable alternative along the lines of reforming the structures from within the denomination.  This is not just a matter of individual parishes getting on with their own business whilst a few people get onto synodical structures.  GAFCON offers Primatial leadership and Episcopal oversight for those who have either been evicted by revisionist bishops or who have said that they cannot in conscience live with those who are espousing false teaching.

It is well worth reading the GAFCON website ( as well as checking out the anglican mainstream link.

I for one applaud the leadership of Archbishops Greg Venables, Henry Orombi and Peter Jensen.  This could well spell a significant movement for the reformation of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.  Pray God it may be so!


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