GAFCON statement and FWS first response

First response to the GAFCON Jerusalem Communiqué


Fellowship of Word and Spirit welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Communiqué issued by GAFCON at the end of the Jerusalem Conference in June 2008 and the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury in July.


Our commitment to fellowship in God’s word and by His Spirit brings friendships and alliances within God’s Church and its leadership around the world, and we welcome the fresh opportunities that GAFCON has enabled for this to happen.


FWS is committed to dialogue and discussion of reformed theology, seeking to apply its whole world and life view to the modern church and culture with the aim of assisting Christians to live out the call of God in their homes, workplaces, leisure activities, and churches.  The Lambeth Conference revealed that that the majority of Bishops in the Anglican Communion continue to affirm and teach Lambeth 1.10.  Moreover, many Bishops present at Lambeth expressed their anxiety concerning the detrimental impact which the actions of the TEC and Canada (particularly the blessing of same sex unions and teaching about human sexuality which is contrary to Lambeth 1.10) have had upon Christian witness, chiefly in Africa and dominantly Muslim countries.  For these reasons, ongoing global communication and clarity over issues of human sexuality, Christology and mission are essential for the health and growth of the Church.


It is in a context of this fellowship around God’s word and by His Spirit that we will seek to make a full response to the GAFCON communiqué at our autumn FWS council and trustees meeting.


Revd Dr Simon Vibert

For FWS Trustees and Council


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