Bible by the Beach

Just back from a good time at Bible by the Beach meeting in Eastbourne on the South coast.

Bible readings by Alistair Begg (blog summary by Hugh Bourne at and good input from Wallace Benn and others, on the theme of the Cross of Christ.  Engaging and winsome presentation of the glory and power of the cross.  It was heartening to have the bible opened and the clarity of preaching the sinbearing work of Christ’s death.  Stuart Townend, Lou Fellingham and Ian White did a great job leading sung worship.

I led seminars on “Maintaining Healthy Marriages” launched “Lives Jesus Changed”, and preached at Victoria Baptist Church on the Sunday  

For an event in its second year it was most encouraging to have over a thousand at the two evening celebrations and an average of a little over 600 over the whole weekend.  Praise God for a great new event!  2011 event planning is well under way (29th April – 2nd May 2011).  See


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