resources for training preachers in Osijek, Croatia

Uploaded on are all the powerpoint slides for the seminars taught this week:-

 Lecture 1: The case for preaching: What makes for good preaching and how do we know when it is done well?

 Lecture 2: Christian Communication in a postmodern age: biblical words which define the task of preaching today.

 Lecture 3: Introduction to the Exegetical task

 Lecture 4: Introduction to the Homiletical Task

 Lecture 5: From text to Sermon

 Lecture 6: Beginnings, endings, applications and illustrations

 Lecture 7: The preacher’s life and integrity

 Abbreviated Bibliography

Chapell, Bryan Christ Centred Preaching (Baker 1994) 

Jensen, P. & Grimmond, P. The Archer and the Arrow (Matthias Media 2010)

Robinson, Haddon Expository Preaching: Principles and Practice (IVP 1986)

Vibert, Simon Excellence in Preaching.  Learning from the Best (IVP 2011)


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